Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Creative Bokeh

I have tried doing some creative bokeh as I have shared in the following posts:

This time I tried to stay with the normal circular bokeh but with a little human touch. Here's one from last Christmas/New Year where the lights came from the Christmas Tree in the background.

The Golden Hat
Here's another photo I took of my colleague during our company's Wild West-themed Christmas party. Again the lights were Christmas lights wrapped around a palm tree from a far about 20 feet or more. The main light was from a flash bounced off from a ceiling to limit the scatter of light and to intentionally not light the background.

Smokin' Gun
His costume 'The Gun Slinger' won the grand prize. Congratulations!

Our house window had some Christmas lights as well and made it as a background for a Holiday Greeting which I used at the top of this post. I just thought of sharing it too as it falls as creative 'use of' bokeh, right?

Happy Holidays! It's a great time to get creative and have fun as well.

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