Monday, December 30, 2013


SMILE! Yes, I am smiling and can't wipe it of my face. Just sharing my uplifted spirit today when I checked out what's happening on Flickr.

More and bigger space for sharing photos! :)


Monday, October 28, 2013

Halloween's Around The Corner

When I was young, I had a chance to go "Trick or Treat"ing but I don't recall having to put on a full costume. All I remember is that I was given masks to wear and that's it.

Now that I have my kids, with my wife who enthusiastically prepare for such occasions, I have had some chance to take part in their costumes.

Here's one back from 2011 that's 100% from scratch -- except for the pumpkin baskets.

This year, due to some time constraints and work load, a different Halloween stuff is on the works. Here's one example:

Now, to get back to these clip arts.

Happy Halloween!!!

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Eggs

In a quest to learn some SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) here are some timely results. Happy Easter!

The following images were created using Inkscape -- it's FREE!
extra large
The extra large image showed the intricate details of the purple egg. I'd love to hear your comments. Leave them below at the comment section.


Sunday, January 06, 2013

A Morning Bloom

Pondering some creative time for the past few days to get away from work things, I unexpectedly found myself trying and doing this (short) time-lapse thingy as you can view below.

As the video description says:
This morning, while washing the car, I noticed a bloom flower in the garden. As the sun was rising from the horizon, I knew this flower will bloom in awhile as it does usually in the morning. I just wanted to share one of nature's many wonders that is often go unnoticed.
And the video:

This is my first try of doing time-lapse video with my beloved Canon EOS 1000D/XS. Controlling the exposure of each photo was a challenge as I initially exposed for a lower light level and stuck with it and the latter parts of the photo series, I have over-exposed photos due to the change in light levels. I didn't want to move the cam to change settings so I just left it as is and just handled the over-exposed photos during post-processing.
The thirty-or-so seconds of video was a photo series of 100 photos. I had an interval of 45 seconds for each photo. Photos were taken between 07:22 and 08:34 on January 06, 2013.

I'm hoping for another take on this time-lapse thingy.. 'til next time. Hope you enjoyed the short clip.