Saturday, April 21, 2012

A Walk In The Park

This afternoon the weather was great to have a walk in the park. I was initially planning to do this walk tomorrow but the forecast says that there could be light rains and therefore wouldn't be a good day to take a walk and do a little photo walk.

On my way to the park, I saw these beautiful pink flowering trees on the side of the road.

Here's a setup shot of me to show me taking a walk in the trails of the park. I did by using the 10-second timer and running to the spot I need to be and pose and pretend that I was walking. I nailed this photo on my third attempt. I'm glad it didn't take too much photos to have a photo I like or else I'd be puffing tired.

I've noticed that there were a lot of these yellow flowers and took some sample photos.

Walking the trails made me a bit tired and I just relaxed and lounged in one of the benches in the park.

Wishing my family filled up the empty space...

See you around.