Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Happy New Year!!!

A Happy, Prosperous, and Wonderful New Year to all!!! 2010 was surely a challenging year and I'm sure that 2011 will be one too.

I just realized that I had no entry last December 2010. I did take lots of photos to share but I guess I was too much preoccupied with my beloved kit lens losing it's AF (Auto Focus) function in the middle of a birthday celebration. Oh well, it gave me a chance to take full control of my camera this time: I'm in Manual Settings plus in Manual Focus!

I guess it's not too late to share some of my favorite shots during the holidays:

Close Encounter with Exotic Birds at Residence Inn, Tagaytay

Santa Claus

Of course some Fireworks


And our very little own Firworks display in our front lawn the night of 1.1.11 for the kids

Again, Happy New Year to all!!!

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