Friday, November 19, 2010

Missed Shooting

After the recent Canon Photomarathon 2010, I felt so drained and wasn't able to take photos. I then got sick last weekend. Literally, I spent my weekend and a couple of weekdays at home in bed.

The last day that I rested, I went outside to get some fresh air and feel the warm sun which I took advantage since it also showered/rained the past few days.

I also took the time to ponder on my entry for National Geographic's Great Migration Photo Contest. I'll start with my entry for the photo contest and show other photos along the way:

I missed taking photos of flowers too..

And more insects..

It was nice to take photos again.


  1. wow! nice photos.. i like the one with the pink flower and butterfly-looking insect. wish that i could take pictures like these but sadly, my digicam won't allow it.. :p

  2. Thanks Richard! Yes you can take photos like these even with your digicam. I started with point & shoot digital camera (or it's because I got manual controls in my digicam). :D


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