Saturday, May 15, 2010

Candlelight Experience

I've been trying to get some warm photos of lighted candles and here are the results of my recent attempt:

Some essentials to get things done:

    1. Dark and windless room - important to get the flame from not dancing around and flickering.
    2. Tripod or something stable to put the camera on - this kind of photography will need a little extra time for exposure thus something stable will aid in avoiding camera shake.
    3. Heat tolerance - well it's a windless room and minimal circulating is around.
    4. A couple of candles and matches - obviously needed but do take care in handling these.
    5. Patience - not so long exposure, heat, and multiple trials will surely test your patience.

Some technicals I used:

    1. Wide aperture - not really wide, just enough to get a shallow depth-of-field.
    2. Low ISO - to compensate for the sensitivity of light.
    3. Slow shutter speed - this allowed me to get some blur on the flame.

I've included this with my Pyro At Works album. When I get more candle light photos, I'm sure to move them in a separate album.

Pyro At Works

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