Sunday, January 17, 2010

Overly Drooling For A Speedlite

Most of the time when my family and I go to Las Pinas (LP), where I grew up, I would be lugging along my camera bag. Yesterday, we were off to LP to have some time with my parents, my older brother, who is in the country for a short vacation as he works abroad, and his family.

My older brother is also into photography as well as my neice -- my older brother's eldest daughter. By the way, my eldest daughter, who is only turning four this year is somewhat into photography too. I guess it's in the blood. Actually, my dad was also into photography in his earlier years and an uncle -- my father's brother, of mine too is into photography. They even once had a studio.

Anyway, to cut all the introductions, we were at my brother's house for dinner. As usual, my brother and I exchanged some conversation about photography until he let me borrow his speedlite. I don't know much about speedlites but I have been reading a lot about flash photography. With his speedlite on my camera, I clicked once, twice, and I said to myself, "Wow!". On my third click, I took a photo of my youngest daughter and I said to myself, "sluuurp!". I was mentally drooling over the photo I just took.

Take a look at the photo below! My pop-up flash can't deliver anything close to it. Kit lens + 580EX II = wOw!

Oh well, it's drooling time for the 580EX II.

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