Sunday, January 03, 2010

Goin' Bananas

Well, not really goin' bananas or crazy.. It's just that the cake/bread is made of bananas. My mom bakes banana cakes/breads very well as she makes them all-natural as much as possible. I believe there's no extenders or whatsoever. Her best banana cakes/bread are those made of cavendish bananas -- it's very tasteful and very aromatic. For new year, she baked us a loaf. Of course, I cannot resist again to experiment and explore more on the area of food photography. Much more I can't resist as I just made myself another lightbox. I had to try and use it. To cut the long story short and feast on the delicious banana cake/bread my dear mom baked. Too bad you're only gonna see some photos. I just do hope that the photos give justice to the cake/bread.

Thanks mom for the banana cake/bread!

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