Saturday, January 23, 2010

Flash Experiment

I had to do it - experiment with flash as I need to learn more how to use it properly but first let's take a look at the photo below and try to determine what kind of flash was used.


Have you figured it out? Oh well, it's just my built-in pop-up flash on my rebel. I was just trying out what will be the outcome if I tried to funnel the flash that's firing from the built-in pop-up flash and bounce it on a white surface.

I created for this experiment a rectangular funnel or pipe that would cover the built-in pop-up flash and direct all it's power on a white board and bounce it to have an effect of a bounced flash from a speedlite. In my opinion, I think the experiment turned out well. Too bad, the funnel would be to hard to use in reality as it does not fit properly on the built-in pop-up flash.

Anyway, I'm happy with the outcome. I guess I'll have to try to use it more.

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