Saturday, March 07, 2015

Something To Celebrate

In one of the last few days of Dec 2014, I was able to do one last product shot that I can say is one of my best creative product shots. Shown on the left is a teaser photo that I posted sometime January 2015 that can also be seen in this link.

When my wife bought and surprised me with this beer, I was very happy and I remember having this smile in my face I can't wipe off. This is because I have something to photograph and I have something to drink after -- Cheers!

Every time there's something new around is always a good opportunity to get some product shots. First, they're somewhat at their "best" look and if it's beer and liquor it's best while it has still contents.

Going back to the image, it took me several days to think about how to photograph this beer bottle. Since it was the holidays and the spirit of celebration was in the air, I was aiming to have something to get that feeling in the photo at the end.

The teaser image on it's own is good in my opinion and can be used as is. It's simple but I wasn't getting the celebratory feeling in this image so I had to slowly build on it.

I had to pull off some tricks off the bag in order to achieve the final image I wanted to have. First, I have to add some elements in to the composition.

Before checking the final image below, let's walk through the thought process and try to imagine the final photo. I thought of adding a glass filled with beer would look nice. Making you already want to drink it I think is a good way to express that celebratory feeling.

Also, the background was plain and again it's not currently giving me that feeling I wanted to get. I thought that a set of bokeh on the background could break it and make the final image interesting.

I have the glass and extra beer but was stumped on how to get bokeh on the background. I did though found a way to do it and I'll leave it for you to find out how I managed. Additionally, the final image that I decided to use was with additional pearl-like orbs I borrowed from my kids. Yes, some of the kids toys helped the final image.

Presenting my final image:

Let's Celebrate!
Now, I really feel like celebrating after achieving this look. How about you, do you feel the same? Leave some comments below.


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