Monday, March 02, 2015


While I was preparing the set for the Slim Bottle shot in my previous entry, I came across this bottle of lotion that looked new and thought it would be a nice subject for another product shoot.

Photographing this bottle was relatively easy if not for the shiny irregular cap that reflected everything in the room. I was having a hard time getting rid of those reflection in camera and just decided to clean it in post.

Moonlight Path by Bath & Body Works

This bottle of lotion was similarly lit by the other beer and wine bottles I've photographed except this is a bit flat and is not translucent so there is no light  passing through the bottle itself.

I have managed to have a repeatable setup on most bottle or cylindrical objects. In this case I had to do a small change on how to light it since it has a broader face that needs to be lit.

I used a water spill to indicate moisture instead of water beads like I use on beer bottles.

Looking forward for more similar products to work on in the near future.

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