Sunday, June 08, 2014

Project Glassware

There's a craze going on with glassware specifically about glass jars for preserving foods for jams, juices, etc. and so I've decided to shoot some and try to ride the band wagon.

"Ball MASON" jar

These transparent objects looks easy to shoot but I learned that it is really tricky specially when shot on a white background. They'll either blend into the background or reflect light if they're shiny.

The above jar has a lot of decors on the glass making it hard to isolate the written words "Ball MASON" that I like to highlight. I have tried several lighting setup using two speedlites only and lots of black and white card boards. The above photo is so far the best setup that I did.

BTS for "Ball MASON" jar
A little behind the scenes of the jar shot. The jar photo at the top is almost straight out of the camera image. I did some WB (White Balance) correction and some sharpening. I was shooting on our dining table by the way and the white background is a styrofoam.

I reused the same setup on the next following images but varying the front light's power.

Drinking Glass
Sauce Container
Ice Cream Cup

The lighting setup didn't change except for the glassware. About 80-85% of the shots were test shots for the jar shot. I managed to shoot a total of about 110 images including one non-glass subject which I gulped during the post-processing of the images and I ended up with these posted images.

"Mountain Dew" - My Fuel
I slightly changed the lighting setup on the "Mountain Dew" shot by making the lights closer to the subject.

BTS for Sauce Container
Just another behind the scene.

There goes my Project Glassware. Looking forward for another session.

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