Sunday, January 06, 2013

A Morning Bloom

Pondering some creative time for the past few days to get away from work things, I unexpectedly found myself trying and doing this (short) time-lapse thingy as you can view below.

As the video description says:
This morning, while washing the car, I noticed a bloom flower in the garden. As the sun was rising from the horizon, I knew this flower will bloom in awhile as it does usually in the morning. I just wanted to share one of nature's many wonders that is often go unnoticed.
And the video:

This is my first try of doing time-lapse video with my beloved Canon EOS 1000D/XS. Controlling the exposure of each photo was a challenge as I initially exposed for a lower light level and stuck with it and the latter parts of the photo series, I have over-exposed photos due to the change in light levels. I didn't want to move the cam to change settings so I just left it as is and just handled the over-exposed photos during post-processing.
The thirty-or-so seconds of video was a photo series of 100 photos. I had an interval of 45 seconds for each photo. Photos were taken between 07:22 and 08:34 on January 06, 2013.

I'm hoping for another take on this time-lapse thingy.. 'til next time. Hope you enjoyed the short clip.

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  1. Hi Gelo.. Pai here. I already asked Karen about this photo/video. Permission naman from you if I can use this on my research. I need to examine the effects of the change in natural lighting to the RGB pixels down to its bit level values. May I? :)


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