Monday, February 13, 2012

A Night Of Food And Photography

A couple of days ago, some from our photography group had some sort of a mini-tutorial/sharing on food photography thus a night of food and photography.

I am no expert on food photography but I try to be good at it. I just wanted to share information among my peers on what I have read and picked up from the world wide web. Moreover, also to share some experience I had on food photography. I hope this little hands-on experience we had will encourage them more on this area of photography.

Here are some points I've shared:
  1. Quality and Direction of Light
    • Quality - soft light would be ideal to lessen the hard shadows that can be created by a single light source like the sun.
    • Direction of Light (Side Light) - usually this gives shape to the subject.
    • Direction of Light (Back Light) - this reveals the texture of the subject.
  2. White Balance - it's important to get the right white or the color temperature of light for pleasing and true-to-life colors of the subjects.
  3. Composition - basically how the subject would look good and the props that will compliment the main subject. It's easier said than done.
Well, there goes some of the tips that I was able to share. Here are some of my shots from that night.

Candy Art courtesy of Lysander San Jose
Earle's Sandwich courtesy of Jared Adriatico
Green Apple courtesy of Lysander San Jose
After the mini food photography session, some of the subjects became dinner and dessert.

Here's some pretty good inspiration for this topic. Taylor Takes A Taste.

Gear used: DSLR camera with kit lens (MF only), off-camera flashes and radio flash triggers, white styrofoam boards.

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