Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Mini Studio Work

From the recent post 'Be Your Own...', I worked again in my mini studio to practice product lighting but this time with a different light setup. Slightly different from the previous setup.

This time I was working on smaller objects/products and therefore I was able to use a table for this setup. It is worth-mentioning the table as it played an important role in the setup of the lights. The main light remained at the same position and the second light was placed under the table facing the wall (background). The table was not fully pushed back to the wall but instead a gap was left out. This gap was intentional as the light below the table that was aimed to the wall that will create that almost perfect white seamless background as you will see in the images below.

If you can see from the images above, a light reflection was also captured as there was a slightly shiny material that I placed there.

I was able to work fast with this setup than my previous setup when I used continuous CFL lights. There was minimal post-processing done with these images not like when I used the continuous CFL lights as the exposure was purely dependent on the ambient light.

The off-camera flashes were a big help. It's my first step in making my work a lot easier.

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