Thursday, February 24, 2011

Monochrome It!

The past weekend, I took photos of our visiting cat. Yep, the cat's only a visitor because it's not ours. It usually visits our lawn area to take naps and probably frighten the rats away.

I was able to take a nice photo of this cat while it was resting before it scampers away again. It usually goes away when I approach it as it is very aloof from us who are living in this house. Anyway, I was happy with the technical stuff of the photo but wasn't really happy with one aspect -- the background! I had no time to clear away the clutter or change angle or view. Check the photo below:

Very nice, right? Well, it is to me. There's a little distraction and would you know what it is? Yes, that's right! The green band on the background is taking away the attention from the cat. You tend to look that way, right?

So what did I do? You've guessed it right! Read the title again. I believe that by doing that, it helped bring back the attention to the visiting cat of ours.

Ciao or should I say Meow! :)

Which one do you prefer?

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