Friday, February 11, 2011


Last night, my eldest daughter asked her mom to teach her to draw hearts. After that, she was on her own drawing hearts and would occasionally ask me if it's okay to draw big hearts and in return I would reply 'yes, of course it's alright'.

After awhile, she asked for her crayons and kept bugging everyone when she wasn't able find her crayons. When she finally was able to find her crayons, she went back to her table and continued doing her own thing.

A few more moments, she then suddenly showed me her work. A very hearty-artsy work and a very nice one indeed! :)

I just couldn't resist to take photos.

Here's Thea's Hearty-artsy work:

Of course, here's the artist and her work:

Very nice isn't it and very timely for Valentine's Day, right! :D

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