Saturday, June 19, 2010

Spring Time

It felt like it was spring time this morning. Looking at the lawn filled with weeds reaching at most 5 inches due to the onset of rainy afternoons. Not only the weeds are thriving but also our flowering plants in the lawn. Though I think the flowers are a bit struggling due to the weeds.

Despite of this situation, the flowers are in bloom. The leaves are green and the flowers are bright.

The photo looks like a field of wild flowers. Some are yellow, white, orange, and even red. Add to that the tall weeds that makes it really a field of wild flowers. I guess what's lacking is the bright blue sky.

What made more feel like spring time is that the lawn had several visitors taking advantage of the flowers in bloom. There were several butterflies frequenting the lawn. I guess about three of this specie presented below.
Another specie of butterfly was also in the garden but wasn't able to take a photo of it as didn't rest much on the blooms long enough and it/they was/were relatively small than the ones in the photo.

The edges of the wings of this butterfly are jagged. It looks like strong winds or something else damaged the wings.

Even this butterfly have jagged wings, it's still beautiful and it's not always that these lawn visitors let me take a photo of them enjoying the wonderful blooms.

I think I would like to have a butterfly garden but I'm not sure if it's the right time as I feel the rainy season is just around the corner.

Well, I guess that gives me some time to research and get to know more about having these beautiful winged creatures that enjoy the blossoms.

I have sighted a couple of dragonflies too but didn't have the patience to follow them around in the hot sun. I think I had enough chasing with the butterflies.

That's it for my spring time -- or I should say my spring day!

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