Saturday, October 18, 2014

Third Bottle

I'm lucky that I am still sober after this third bottle of liquor. I'm in the momentum to shoot bottles of liquor due to the lighting setup that I did for the bottle of rakia in "Stress Reliever" article that I recently did.

I have applied here some of the things I learned from the past two recent sessions and they are:

1. Stress Reliever - change the background color while shooting and
2. Second Look - position of the main light to be on the left side of the camera

So, changing the background while shooting or taking the photo saved me a lot of time to do it in post production. It's also better to do it this way especially for dark bottles like this bottle of wine. There's a slim chance that the light from the background would cast on the liquor. It would be a case-to-case basis and I'll leave that to your experimentation.

The color of light on the background was done by "gelling" the flash head. I used an amber-orange piece of gel. Another piece of DIY presented in "Flash Gels And New Shoes".

Positioning the main light on the left side of the bottle created a more natural feel to it rather than having the main light on the right side. I placed a reflector on the right side that can be roughly seen on the reflection of the bottle.

I'm looking forward into shooting more bottles of liquor when I can find and borrow them. I think there'll be a lot especially that the holidays is fast approaching.

Now, the search for new bottles is on!


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