Wednesday, December 09, 2009

More Tries On Product Photography

Okay, the other night I was looking at my vodka, tequila, and other liquor on display then I had this idea to take some shots -- not liquor shots just to be clear. I wanted to try out something I have read before on the Internet regarding product photography. Well I would like to take of products with some reflections. So, without further due, I present my output (though I feel some are really skewed).You may click on the photo for a larger version.

What can I say about this one... Hmm...

Especially this one. The glass seemed to be out of symmetry.


And this one, the can looks tilted.

Oppsss... these aren't photos of my vodka, tequila, and other liquor... Well, these were much easier to handle than those big bottles. Anyway, I guess I partially nailed this part since I was after the setup for the products.

By the way, here are my previous attempts where the back ground was simply white: My Few Attempts

Thank you for viewing.

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