Sunday, November 22, 2009

Fireworks Rants and Raves

Just came from a fireworks competition (World Pryro Olympics 2009) that was held yesterday (Nov. 21). I don't have the best gear, actually just the kit lens of the 1000D. Luckily, I got some old school tripod that I was able to loan from my dad and my brother gave me a shutter release cable. Sounds that the gear is quite enough for a beginner.

When I heard about this, I immediately read posts and tips in the Internet and I was able to acquire more than I can imagine -- in short I prepared myself for the show. I got more determined to prepare myself when my wife surprised me with tickets for the show in front just beside the VIP's viewing area. I was excited for yesterday to come.

Then the day came. Arrived at our spot early enough and finding other photographers setting up their own tripods and cameras and all.

Alas! It started to drizzle, shower, rain an hour before the scheduled show from Germany. Yes, it started to shower then the rain came. The first show was postponed an hour later due to the unforeseen weather conditions. Anyway, it stopped raining hard but there's light drizzle and sometimes it will rain.

Oh well, to cut the story short.. I did my best of what I can of the situation and here are some of my keepers. Hope you didn't mind the short story above and that you enjoy the photos below as I did taking them. You may click on the photos for a larger view.

Thanks for viewing!

Here's more of it

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