Saturday, September 12, 2009

Red Flowers

It's been a rainy week. Occassionally, there would be some gusts along with the rain and there times when it just drizzles softly. I took advantage the drizzling and cloudy morning today. Took some photos of the red flowers in our garden which was quite blooming a lot lately.

Here are my favorites:

Catching The Rain - actually, it just caught the drizzles as at this time it was only drizzling. Of course, I had to be under an umbrella to protect my beloved gear -- 1000D + Kit Lens!

Watching The Cloudy Skies - A pair of red flowers looking up above. Not a trace of blue.. only white clouds sending some drizzle.
Not Alone - This one is not alone in the drizzle. There's quite a few of these beautiful red flowers that are so much in bloom. All of them catching the drizzle.

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