Saturday, July 04, 2009

One Light

Recently, I attended a free photography workshop as a part of the activities of the 3rd Anniversary of Digital Photographer Philippines that was held at Fully Booked, Fort Global City in Taguig.

From the list of workshops that were lined up for that day, "Painting With Light" by Jo Avila was one of the workshops that I really liked to attend as I have once read about it but had a blurry vision on how to go about it.

In short, I learned that it was possible to take a good photo in the dark just by using one source of light -- a small flashlight to be exact. The idea is easier said than done and I am glad that I was able to attend this workshop and was given a chance to see the magic at work.

I would like to try this one myself but haven't got the basic equipment to accomplish the task and here's the list of what you need:

1) Camera -- of course;
2) Shutter release cable -- this one I don't have yet;
3) A sturdy tripod -- since this task will need long exposure and we want to eliminate that camera shake;
4) Flashlight -- those with on/off button/switch and not those with twist to on/off types since these gives out a different light focus;
5) A dark room -- to make the background just black and expose the subject only by the use of the flashlight;

Will update this entry as soon as I get the last piece for the puzzle.

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